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The Swedish Document was exhibited at the beautiful Virserums konsthall. All 126 images were printed and framed. Some printed on plexi with beautiful backlight.
View som images from the show opening here »

In correspondence with www.50statesproject.net The Swedish Document has brought together 21 photographers from all across Sweden.

Each photographer represent their home county during the year long project. Every two months each photographer will be sent an assignment by e-mail, they then have two months to produce one image in response. The images must represent both their style and the county they represent.

Now when the project is completed there are 300 American images and 126 Swedish, which hopefully, represent the talent of the photographers involved and have something to say about the USA and Sweden today.

Enjoy poking around this site – start with the assignment words at the top!

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See some press coverage here. (in Swedish)

Do not miss the roll out in the world:

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